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In the Last City, civilization’s final outpost, a battle rages between humanity and darkness…

cae9616ce5ac610c3200689702c1e0a2Kya wants nothing more than to find the demons who killed her parents. But when she learns that she is an elemental, one of five young women with exceptional abilities destined to save the earth, she realizes that there is more at stake then just her personal vendetta, and that there are things, and people, worth fighting for.

Weylyn’s race is dying. He is one of the last of the Earth’s original creatures, the shape-shifters known as werewolves. For generations his family has searched for a cure without success. But then Weylyn has a dream about a girl who will save his kind. Cast out from his pack, Weylyn vows to protect her, this elemental. Now he must defy his friends and his family in order to save not only his race but his heart as well.

In the year 2216 the Earth has suffered a cataclysmic event known as the Failure. For decades humanity has endured a forever-twilight that is slowly killing all life on the planet. Birthrates have dropped and disease and starvation are slowly killing those left. In humanity’s place have risen demons, creatures of the darkness. These beings now rule; keeping the human population enslaved.

Flung into a bitter war between the Vastus, the human resistance and the demons, Kya must accept Weylyn’s help to learn to control her deadly abilities. But to ultimately fulfill her destiny she must face who she is and decide what lengths she’s willing go to get her revenge.

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